The responsibility of legacy

Orion acquires real estate investments and developments through its sponsored Funds across Europe for the benefit of its investors. Through intensive asset management, Orion creates value with innovative improvements which deliver positive impacts for the environmental and social performance of its assets for the occupiers and communities, in which it operates.

Orion’s commitment to responsible investment is underpinned by a governance framework that helps to ensure that social, environmental and corporate governance performance is taken into account in the selection, management and realisation of these investments. Since 2012, Orion has been a signatory to United Nations backed Principles of Responsible Investing, an International network of investors working to incorporate ESG issues into investment practice.

Orion’s commitment to excellence and sustainability has been widely recognised, including the following awards:

Qwartz Paris

Most Innovative Shopping Centre Worldwide

  • MAPIC Awards
  • 9e Trophées Des SIIC
  • Janus Label
Puerto Venecia Zaragoza

Best Large Shopping Centre of the Year 2014

  • MAPIC Awards
  • AECC
Carmelite Riverside London

Deal of the Year, London Midtown Office

  • Editor’s Choice Awards
Canaletto London

Residential Building Concept

  • Rethinking The Future Architecture Awards
Canaletto London

Best Apartment Building

  • Sunday Times British Homes Award
Canaletto London

Best Residential High Rise, UK

  • UK Property Awards
Canaletto London

Best Residential High Rise, London

  • UK Property Awards Architecture

We are committed to:

  • Reducing and mitigating the environmental impact of our development activities and striving to add value through innovative and sustainable design and construction.
  • Positively supporting and contributing to local initiatives and opportunities within the communities we operate and creating shared value.
  • Ensuring where possible that our contractors and suppliers adhere to the highest ethical and sustainable policies of employment, production and service delivery.
  • To strengthening and supporting the skills and personal development of our team.
  • Addressing the fundamental issues of Climate change and sustainability by integrating our stewardship into the investments we make.
Sustainability is fully integrated into our investment model


Analysis of environmental social and governance risks is an essential part of Orion’s acquisition and due diligence process

Development & Redevelopment

Orion creates value for investors by repositioning under-utilised real estate assets and investments, incorporating environmental, wellbeing and public realm improvements

Divestments & Disposals

Careful alignment of State-of-the-Art sustainable design with market fundamentals enables Orion to create Properties assets that attract demand from both occupiers and Investors.

Social Responsibility

Orion has an unwavering commitment and continued support for the Firm’s team. In addition, the Firm and the Partnership support charitable organisations that generally aim to build better societies by supporting young people and education with examples as follows:


Funding various university scholarships enabling young people to attend secondary education regardless of financial means.


Heritage of London Trust

Orion are Patrons of The Heritage of London Trust which was set up in 1980 to fill the gap in what public bodies could do for London’s lost, neglected or ruined buildings and monuments. Today, the Trust continues that role seeking out restoration projects which help to beautify the city, keep its character and charm, and provide a link to its diverse history. The Trust operates across the whole of Greater London and provides grants for building restoration, liaising with local councils and community organisations in getting projects off the ground. All of the restoration projects benefit the public – they work only on buildings and monuments that the public can enjoy. All must be of historic or architectural significance.

Professional Teaching Institute

The Professional Teaching Institute (“PTI”) has been supporting schools for over 20 years focusing on professional development for teachers and school leaders. PTI delivers a wide range of courses, workshops and activities for teachers at all stages of their career. A wide range of training courses as well as long term programmes are offered, focusing on delivering exceptional teaching and transformative classroom practices.


Founded in 2009, University of the People is a non-profit, tuition free, American accredited online university providing the opportunity for higher education to students globally that are challenged by financial, geographic, political and personal constraints. Offering programs in Business, Computer Science and Health Science as well as Master’s Degree programs, UofPeople believes that access to higher education is a key ingredient to promoting world peace and global economic development. To date UofPeple has helped provide degrees to over 57,700 students globally.

The Prince’s Trust

Since its foundation in 1976, the belief at the heart of The Prince’s Trust has remained unchanged: that every young person should have the chance to succeed. The Trust gives these vulnerable young people the confidence and skills to stabilise their lives, bringing hope and opportunity to those who have lost confidence in their own futures. Over 44 years, the Prince’s Trust has helped nearly a million young people, creating over £1.4bn in social value. Almost 3 in 4 of the young people they support will progress into a positive next step to re-engage with education or training, secure a job, or start their own business. Their ambition is to help a million more young people to transform their lives over the next decade, giving this generation an active stake in the UK’s society and economy.


Founded in 1974, Chickenshed has been changing lives by bringing young people from all social and economic backgrounds, cultures and abilities together to study creatively alongside each other, many of whom have been marginalised by society and excluded from mainstream educational settings. Their vision is to create a society that enables everyone to flourish and create outstanding theatre that celebrates diversity and inspires positive change.

ULI Urban Plan

Supports social mobility and success of the property industry by reaching students from diverse social and economic backgrounds.


The charity provides the best possible free cancer support and information, for patients and their families, in centres alongside NHS hospitals across the UK and online. The centres help people take back control when cancer turns life upside down, with professional support for anything from treatment side effects to money worries. By 2022, Maggies’s plans to have 30 centres open in the UK.


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Responsibly improving and enhancing the urban landscape is a consistent legacy.

Bruce Bossom, Founding Partner